Frequently Asked Questions

Are CreaseDelete's Uncomfortable?

CreaseDelete's are designed to easily slip into any shoe and be good to go. If you find your CreaseDelete's  uncomfortable, you can simply notch out the area of discomfort and you'll be good to go in no time. We recommend trimming according to these instructions for the best comfort and fit.


Do CreaseDelete's Remove Creases?

CreaseDelete's prevent creases and preserve your sneakers like no other product ever, and are considered the “Holy Grail” of shoe care. Force Fields are made of a piece of foam that, by it's own nature, creases and do not work to truly prevent creases.


How Long Do CreaseDelete's Last For?

We offer a 30 day guarantee against manufacturer defects, however, you should easily get 3 months to a couple of years out of single pair of Universals depending on how often you wear them.